The Endgame Cover Letter: Wrapping It Up - dummies

The Endgame Cover Letter: Wrapping It Up

You’re well into your job search. Maybe your search has stalled out and you need to restart it. Or perhaps you’ve been offered a job. You still have letters to write.

  • Resurrection letters
  • Acceptance letters
  • Rejection letters

The resurrection letter’s mission is to remind an employer of your application (perhaps they stalled their recruitment) or to revive your application after having removed yourself from consideration. In short order, remind the reader of

  • Your last communication with the employer
  • A positive narrative of what has happened since that time
  • Your top selling points for the position (include another copy of your resume)
  • A statement of your continued interest in the position and the company’s search

The acceptance letter’s mission is not only to thank the hiring party, but also to define the terms of your employment as agreed upon in your interview/job offer negotiations. Such terms include

  • Salary
  • Job title
  • Benefits
  • Contract terms

While this letter may seem like overkill, your terms are in writing in case anything goes awry. Send one to each individual directly involved in your recruitment.

Try one or more of the following “redhot” phrases for your acceptance letter.

  • “I am delighted to accept your offer to become your company’s (job title).”
  • “I appreciate the confidence you demonstrated by selecting me to be (job title).”
  • “This letter is my acceptance of your offer to join (name of company) as (job title).”
  • “I look forward to becoming a part of your team as (job title), beginning (start date).”
  • “I eagerly anticipate the challenges in the position as (job title) that you have offered me.”
  • “I would like to express my gratitude in accepting the position of (job title); I look forward to the challenges and responsibilities that the position offers.”

The rejection letter also is a wise time investment; if you don’t answer other employers’ job offers, you may create enemies.

  • Courteously thank employers for their time, interviews, and consideration.
  • Inform them that you have already accepted another offer (you may not wish to say from whom) and are no longer available.
  • Include any hopes you may have to work with them in the future.

Whether making friends or covering your flanks, endgame letters finalize the end of your job hunt.