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Best Prospects for Telling Your Story in a Job Search

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Job seekers in certain occupations benefit from digital getting-to-know-you media far more than others. Although creative professionals steal the show, in random order, here are a few of the many good bets for work portfolios and prezis.

artist, graphic designer, architect, fashion designer, journalist, photographer, actor; manager in advertising, promotions, public relations, marketing, and sales; teacher, chef, baker; real estate professional; fundraising executive; lawyer; business manager; engineer; health care professional, veterinarian; information technology expert; accountant, financial manager; auto body repairer, tree trimmer, gardener, house painter

A common thread for individuals in these types of occupations — whether they work sitting down or standing up — is a requirement to reach goals or solve problems. They devise a plan to do so, carry out their plan, and come up with rewarding results they can show to the world via media and technology. A few specifics illustrate their techniques:

  • Creative workers use all media to show their talent, from broadcast and print, to photos and film, to art and video.

  • Engineers and programmers show results with impressive building projects or new technology developments, perhaps sprinkling in a few audio-recorded references.

  • Accountants and financial managers load up with charts and graphs.

  • Trades workers score with before-and-after photos of their work.

By contrast, even excellent workers who perform repetitive tasks — on a production line, for instance — are challenged to reap a return on investment for their time and expense when creating strong online presentations.