Keys to a Successful Classroom Observation - dummies

Keys to a Successful Classroom Observation

By W. Michael Kelley

Part of Rookie Teaching For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As a rookie teacher — or an experienced teacher — you’ll get periodic classroom visits from a supervisor or administrator whose purpose is to rate your class and your abilities as a teacher. During these observations, keep the following in mind:

  • Include lesson plan elements required by your school district (such as the anticipatory set, learning objectives, review and wrap-up at the end, and so on).

  • Showcase your best material.

  • Move about the room during class.

  • Don’t make any big changes to the way you do things in class.

  • Show that you and your students get along.

  • Don’t worry if your kids aren’t absolutely silent, unless your supervisor is grimacing.

  • Involve lots of kids in the lesson, making sure to speak to different areas of the room, to both sexes, and to students who don’t raise their hand as well as those who do.