Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Mediation Business - dummies

Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Mediation Business

By Victoria Pynchon, Joseph Kraynak

It’s easy to set up a page for your mediation business on Facebook. Although Facebook is almost exclusively a social venue, most of its members expect businesses to have a presence there, and the service encourages businesses to do so. Facebook allows businesses, even freelancers like you, to set up a business page, claim your business listing, and even advertise where it’s appropriate to do so.

  1. Set up a Facebook page.

    To get started, scroll to the bottom of any Facebook page and click Create a Page. Your page becomes your center of operations on Facebook. Be sure to include a link to your website on your page.

  2. Create an RSS feed to pull any entries you publish on your blog onto your Facebook page.

    As long as you post fresh content to your blog, this ensures that your page always has fresh content.

  3. Get a vanity URL for your page.

    After your page has 25 “likes” (25 people indicate that they like your page), you can get a vanity URL. Go to the Facebook username page, click Set a User Name for Your Pages (below the box that allows you to set a user name for your profile), and follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. Claim your Facebook place.

    Facebook Places is a feature that enables you to take advantage of location marketing — presenting content to customers and prospects that’s relevant to their current geographical location. To claim your Facebook place, access the Facebook app from your smart phone or go to and click the Places tab.

    Or, if you’re using Facebook on a computer, click in the Search box in the top menu and search for your business by name. If your business isn’t listed as a place, add it, claim it, and then customize your listing.

  5. Add a badge to your website/blog that users can click to access your Facebook page.

    On Facebook, you can create different types of badges to add to your website or blog that people can click to access your Facebook page. Facebook provides the HTML source code to paste on your site for displaying the badge. To get a badge, visit

Facebook provides Insights that display statistics about your page, including the number of visitors, number of people who interact with your page, number of comments posted, and so on. To access Insights, click View Insights (near the top of the right column when you’re viewing your page).