Preparing for Your Next Interview - dummies

Preparing for Your Next Interview

This video series will show you how to prepare for a job interview with helpful tips on answering tricky interview questions, deciding what to wear to impress your potential future employer, having thoughtful questions ready to ask of the interviewer, following up afterwards, and negotiating a salary.

How to Dress for Your Job Interview (Video)

A suit and tie? A dress and heels? There are many options when deciding what to wear when meeting a potential new employer. Here are our tips for a stress-free way to decide what to wear.

Using Good Body Language during Your Interview (Video)

Discover how to use body language to your advantage to show a prospective employer that you are confident and interested in working with them.

Answering Difficult Job Interview Questions (Video)

Don’t stress over difficult questions! Here are a few answers to keep in your back pocket so that you don’t become tongue tied.

Addressing Your Job Qualifications (Video)

If you are interviewing for a position for which you are overqualified – or underqualified – you should be prepared to address your potential future employer’s concerns. Here are some easy-to-remember tips to help address this issue.

Asking Great Job Questions (Video)

You may be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer. Need some ideas? Keep these three questions in mind and impress them with your thoughtfulness.

Discussing Salary and Benefits (Video)

Salary and benefits discussions typically happen at the end of the hiring process, these tips will help you prepare to discuss them in an interview, should the subject come up.

Following Up after Your Interview (Video)

It is important to follow up with potential employers after you’ve met. These tips and best practices emphasize things you can do to make following up easy and meaningful.

Negotiating Your Job Salary (Video)

Before you get ready to negotiate a salary offer, check out these tips on how to research appropriate target salaries and what information you should prepare ahead of time when having a salary discussion.