Dressing for Success at Your Social Media Job Interview - dummies

Dressing for Success at Your Social Media Job Interview

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

How should you dress when you’re interviewing for a social media job? During the interview process, you’re establishing your brand — who you are professionally. Dress professionally and tend toward the conservative side.

  • Wear a jacket and tie. You can remove the jacket or loosen your tie if necessary.

  • Don’t reveal any tattoos.

  • Don’t wear tank tops or other sleeveless shirts.

  • Avoid animal prints.

  • Wear one accessory, max.

  • Tuck in your shirt.

  • Make sure your hair is neat and clean.

  • Make sure your fingernails are clean and either free of polish or without chips.

  • Polish your shoes.

Companies have loosened dress codes and new categories have been created. You may hear companies refer to dress codes as business or smart casual, business formal, and casual. When you’re hired, ask about the company’s dress code. Until then, remember that you’re being sized up during the interview process. Because you’re being evaluated over a relatively short period of time, every interaction holds great value.