9 Social Media Job Interview Tips - dummies

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Finding a social media job is just the first step in the process. Interviewing for the position — whether it’s live, on the phone, or on video — requires some savvy. Should you spill the beans about your former boss?

  • Talk about how you’ve been supported or how you support others on your team. People hire people they want to be around.

  • Answer questions with specific information related to dollars, percentages, or industry measures. Be brief and stay on topic.

  • Don’t exaggerate or lie. The best interview question responses are authentic, automatic and accurate.

  • Use examples to explain your answers. Ask questions about the position, organization, or training.

  • Don’t get too comfortable. Exude a positive attitude. Listen. Take good notes.

  • Pause before responding. You don’t want to answer too soon only to find you didn’t answer the right question. Take a moment.

  • If it’s not critical, don’t mention it. An interview isn’t a confessional. Don’t talk about every annoyance — especially if it was your previous employer.

  • Highlight your ability to inspire. Talk about a time when it was difficult getting your team to do something.

  • Talk about balancing a sense of urgency with time necessary to explore viable alternatives.