What to Accomplish on the First Day of School as a Rookie Teacher

By W. Michael Kelley

Part of Rookie Teaching For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Facing your first year of teaching is certainly exciting and possibly a little bit daunting. As a rookie teacher, you need to set the right tone from the get-go. Try to get as many of the things in the following list out of the way on your first day:

  • Explain the important rules of your classroom; pass out a printed copy of these rules for your students and their parents to sign and return to you.

  • Discuss emergency and safety procedures.

  • Introduce yourself to your kids.

  • Explain your grading system.

  • Pass out textbooks.

  • Collect a card including parental information, phone number, and home address.

  • Discuss major projects and milestones for the year.

  • Explain how to get extra help or tutoring.