Start Discussion Topics in Blackboard - dummies

Start Discussion Topics in Blackboard

By Howie Southworth, Kemal Cakici, Yianna Vovides, Susan Zvacek

Part of Blackboard For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Communicating with learners in Blackboard takes several forms. A discussion works like an office bulletin board. For this task, you establish a discussion forum and start the conversation as shown in these steps:

  1. On the Blackboard Control Panel, click the Discussion Board link.

  2. Click the Add Forum button.

    When you click Add Forum, you see the page shown in the following figure. It sets up a space for you and your learners to trade notes for the rest of the class to view.

    Create a bulletin board, also known as a Discussion Forum.
    Create a bulletin board, also known as a Discussion Forum.
  3. Enter a name for the forum in the Title text field.

  4. In the Description text box, type a brief explanation of the topic to be discussed in this forum.

    This text appears below the link (the forum title) for learners to read before proceeding to the messages within this forum.

  5. Enable or disable the check boxes in the Forum Settings field.

    After you scroll down the page to the next section, you can turn options on or off specifically for this forum.

  6. Click the Submit button to create the forum.

  7. Click OK on the receipt page that appears.

    This action returns you to the Discussion Forums page. After you create the forum, your next task is to post the first note to which you want learners to reply.

  8. Click the forum name you just created to enter this topic area.

  9. Click the Add New Thread button.

    Now that you’re inside the forum you created, the conversation can begin.

  10. Enter the subject in the Subject text field, and the message in the Message text box.

    This is your first message to the class of learners who will read this Discussion Forum.

  11. Click the Submit button.

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