Photographing Scenes to Frame the Wedding Story - dummies

Photographing Scenes to Frame the Wedding Story

By Amber Murphy

Part of Digital Wedding Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

One of a wedding photographer’s primary jobs is to tell the story of each individual wedding day. Stay on track by breaking the wedding day down into scenes to build the story, piece by piece:

  • The preparation: In this first scene of the wedding story, you introduce the characters and begin the plot. Focus on creating a mood of excitement by capturing key expressions from the bride and the groom as they get ready, which builds the story’s tension.

  • The ceremony: The wedding day builds up to the vows. When the couple says “I do,” you’ve reached the climax of the wedding story. Focus on photographing little actions during a ceremony scene that you don’t want to miss, from the groom’s expression during the bride’s entrance and the officiant’s exhortation to the couple to the wedding vows and the exchange of rings.

  • The reception: The reception is the release of all the tension of the day. The reception wraps up the plot, and the story moves in a downward arc toward the ending. This scene should have a celebratory feel to it as the newlyweds and their guests feast and dance in honor of the new marriage. You can create the mood in your photographs by focusing on all the happy faces around you.