Generating Business as a Mediator - dummies

Generating Business as a Mediator

By Victoria Pynchon, Joseph Kraynak

Part of Success as a Mediator For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To be a successful mediator, you need to be successful, commercially. Consider the following strategies for generating business as you begin your career as a mediator:

  • Attend conferences and events that expose you to your mediation and market communities. Attend at least one group event every other month.

  • Claim your online business listings. Make sure you have a listing on Google Places and Yelp, claim the listings, and then flesh them out with additional content, including your website or blog address.

  • Join and serve in organizations that expose you to your mediation and market communities. These may be mediation, industry-related, or community organizations. Be active in the organization. Take a leadership role to raise your profile.

  • Keep in touch with your clients. The best place to look for new clients is through your current clients. Keep in touch with them via e-mail or regular phone calls. Checking in once or twice a year is usually sufficient.

  • Launch a website, blog, or both. You need to have an online presence, and having a website or blog is an important first step.

  • Pass out and collect business cards. Pass out business cards to everyone you meet, and collect their cards. Ask if they want to receive your newsletter and whether they prefer e-mail or standard postal delivery.

  • Post press releases and distribute newsletters. Write articles that are relevant and of value to your market and use the Internet to post and distribute them.

  • Spread the word via social networking. You should have a Facebook page dedicated to your mediation business, along with a Twitter and LinkedIn account. Get involved in LinkedIn discussion groups relevant to mediation and your market.