Finding Your Way around the Blackboard Course Control Panel - dummies

Finding Your Way around the Blackboard Course Control Panel

By Howie Southworth, Kemal Cakici, Yianna Vovides, Susan Zvacek

Part of Blackboard For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In your Blackboard course, you have access to the Control Panel — your learners don’t. You therefore have the power to add, modify, copy, and remove content; turn course tools on and off; decide how to display the Course Menu; add and remove students (users); and document exams, grades, and other means of evaluating your students.


  • Upload your course materials and files by clicking a link in the Content Areas box. This box is most useful for getting the right stuff in front of your learners — and doing it fast.

  • Use the features in the Course Tools box to keep in touch with your learners and to allow them to keep in touch with you. Use this area also to manage the various tools available in Blackboard.

    Your institution may have some Blackboard features turned off or customized, so the preceding figure may differ slightly from your own Control Panel. It should be close, though.

  • Administer your course before it begins by changing the course menu, and after it ends by using the links in the Course Options box to copy content to another course.

  • Allow learners to access to your course, remove them, put them in groups, and perform other useful tasks from the User Management box.

  • Behold the power of the Assessment box. From there, you test learners, survey them, grade them, and track their overall progress.

  • Get help quickly by using the links inside the Help box.