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How to Dazzle Webinar Audiences with Video

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Video continually gains ground as the emerging star of the webinar circuit. It’s becoming a great way to personalize your presentation along with being an effective tool for engaging the audience. Research shows that when you integrate video, participant attention and focus increase, making webinar viewing times last a little bit longer.

Earlier in the millennium, the average time spent looking at an online video was just over a minute. The prominence of YouTube extended the viewing time to a few minutes, and now that the disrupters — Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime — base their business models on online long-form video, users will watch an online video for a much longer span than they used to.

So consider either using video for your next presentation, or expand what you’re already doing with it.

You can use video in your webinar in a variety of ways. These include

  • Integrating video clips into a presentation: Anything from a short promo to a viral video will work. Sometimes the video supports the topic, whereas other times, you can show it on its own.

  • Having your presenters presenting on video or webcams: These days, many webinars already include a video feed of the presenter, but not all of them do. If you’re not showing your presenter, consider doing it for you next webinar — it can prove to be an effective tool.

  • Broadcasting live from a studio or other event: It’s not unusual for a presentation to include a live feed of a speaker at the local convention center, a television-style interview session, or a highly produced moderated panel. It all works out because live video provides another way to engage your audience.