Secrets to Becoming a Successful Social Entrepreneur - dummies

Secrets to Becoming a Successful Social Entrepreneur

By Mark Durieux, Robert Stebbins

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Each successful social entrepreneur is unique, and they all travel their own particular paths to success. However, research has uncovered many traits shared by most if not all of them. Cultivate these qualities in yourself and your organization to boost your potential success:

  • Achieve a clear understanding of the problem in question and formulate a clear mission with which to solve it.

  • Have strong compassion for the target of the mission.

  • Maintain a sense of urgency in realizing the mission.

  • Create a well-conceived initial plan for realizing the mission.

  • Develop a capacity to work with people, and work tirelessly to persuade and organize them to help realize your mission.

  • Never give up — redouble your efforts and persevere when the going gets tough. But also know who your staunchest supporters and mentors are, and seek them out when you need a boost!