How to Deal with an Emergency Stop for Your Pop Up - dummies

How to Deal with an Emergency Stop for Your Pop Up

By Dan Thompson

Sometimes your pop up business comes to an emergency stop, usually because of a change of circumstance that’s outside your control. Don’t panic; closing early is quite common. An early closing may occur because of a lack of funding or funding allocations change. Or perhaps the building is let unexpectedly to a long-term tenant, or an unexpected issue, such as a problem with the building’s structure, occurs.

If you come to an emergency stop, you usually have two options:

  • Close the project early.

  • Find alternative premises.

If you’ve planned your pop up in an agile way, you’ll be able to adapt to new premises. In this case:

  1. Stop for as long as you need.

  2. Communicate to partners (and maybe to customers) that you’ve stopped.

  3. Identify how to carry on.

    For example, can you find alternative premises or different funding?

  4. Check that these revisions still allow you to achieve your original aims and objectives and revise them, if needed.

  5. Revise your timetable to reflect the change.

  6. Keep calm and carry on!

If you do decide to finish early, you

  • Still need to close the project properly, tidying up loose ends and carrying out evaluation of work done.

  • Must salvage anything that you can use and make sure that it’s ready for future use.

  • Need to tell stakeholders that you’ve stopped and why and obtain their agreement, if necessary.

  • Must communicate with your audience so that it’s not disappointed.