Create Social CRM Relationships on LinkedIn - dummies

Create Social CRM Relationships on LinkedIn

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Social CRM is centered around the social media world, so try using LinkedIn to build relationships for your campaign. According to most surveys, LinkedIn is the social media platform that salespeople prefer for networking, for these reasons:

  • It’s a business site. People are on LinkedIn specifically to network and talk about business topics. No one is talking about personal issues.

  • It’s a job-hunting site. It’s a very popular network for finding jobs, so most salespeople record their activities on the site. They feel this will help them network with their peers.

  • Company structures are transparent. Salespeople can identify the decision makers in a company by looking at who is part of a company group and networking with them.

  • You can establish your reputation as an expert. Salespeople can establish themselves as experts in their field by answering questions and giving advice.

  • The platform provides useful built-in features. Salespeople can use the structure that’s already in place to invite people to events and research information. There’s no steep learning curve.


Consider the following best practices for salespeople using LinkedIn:

  • Connect. Request a connection online after you’ve met a colleague at an event or meeting.

  • Recommend. Ask for testimonials when appropriate and give them to others.

  • Join groups. Pick several groups and network with others in your field.

  • Answer questions. It helps people recognize your expertise and seek out your advice.

  • Share interesting content. Pick content from around the web and share it with your network. (You can synch your Twitter account or blog posts if they’re pertinent.)

  • Keep your account active. Be present on a daily basis. Interact and be useful to others without expecting a quid pro quo.