Online Business Content Types - dummies

By Shannon Belew, Joel Elad

Content type addresses the specific format of the content of your online business, or the way in which it’s packaged for consumption. You want to have a wide variety of content types, but here are some of the most common types to add into your content marketing strategy:

  • Video
  • Images/pictures
  • Memes (images with text on top)
  • Articles
  • White papers/guides
  • Product demos
  • Infographics (using images or graphics as a way to show data or research)
  • Testimonials
  • Online tools (savings calculators, free trials, and so on)
  • Interactive quizzes
  • E-newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts

Sometimes it feels like you never have enough content. You can stretch out the content you already have by repurposing it, or repackaging it into a different content type. For example, you may have a video testimonial from a customer. You can take that same information and write it as a customer case study. Or you can pull out a specific customer comment from the video and use it as a stand-alone quote — add the quote to an image and create a sharable picture for social media.

Content may have a shelf life. Blog posts about a new product, or articles that center on a current event or news will eventually no longer be relevant because it happens on a specific date or time period. To help increase the staying power of your content, consider adding some “evergreen” content into the mix. Evergreen means that it stays fresh, or relevant, indefinitely (or, at least for a very long time!). To give content the evergreen treatment, avoid using dates in the article. For instance, instead of referring to “Winter 2017,” simply say “winter” or refer to “the colder months.” Similarly, avoid referencing a specific event that could also date the content. The more general way your content is written, the better chance it has to live a long life online as a piece of evergreen content.