How to Sell on Amazon as an Affiliate - dummies

By Greg Holden

If you’ve written or created books, CDs, or other materials that are sold on, you can create links to those items on your business website and refer your visitors to the bookseller’s site so that you can potentially earn the referral fee.

To get started with the program, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the home page and, near the bottom of the page, click See All link under the Make Money with us heading.

  2. On the Make Money with Amazon page, scroll down and click the Learn More link under the Amazon Associates heading.

  3. On the Amazon Associates page, click the Join Now for FREE! button on the right side.

  4. Fill out the forms provided to become a member.

    You have to tell all about your website and its content. When you’re done, click Finish.

  5. Choose the type of content you want Amazon to add to your site. The first section is for the Associates program. Click Get Started Now under this section.

    You have to set up a payment program by telling Amazon whether you want to receive a check or direct deposit into your bank account.

  6. Click Get Started Now and then click Continue on subsequent pages to read about setting up links to products on your website.

    You have to set up the Associates links according to’s specifications so that it can track when the links are clicked and determine whether purchases are subsequently made.

  7. From the Associates Central welcome page, click either the Search for a Product or Browse for a Product tab, enter keywords or ASIN/ISBN numbers for the products you want to promote, and then click Go.

    A list of products appears.

    A keyword is a word or phrase that describes the item you have for sale and that prospective buyers are likely to enter in their searches.

  8. Click the Get Link button next to the item you want to advertise.

    The Customize and Get HTML page appears, displaying one version of an ad for the product. You can click one of the tabs above the product ad describing other types of ads you can display:

    • Text Only: This is a text link to a specific book, movie, or CD you want to promote. If a graphic ad takes up too much space on your web pages, include a simple text link that points people to specific items on

    • Image Only: This is a graphic image you display on your site that displays a book or other product without text to save space.

    • Add to Widget: Widgets are small-scale applications that automate the process whereby readers choose books, music, and other products from the catalog. You can include an search engine on your page, for example. You can also include your favorite books or music, among other things.

    You can promote your friends’ books and CDs, books or CDs that relate to your goods and services, or other books and CDs you admire. By spreading the word about such materials, you can earn a few cents or perhaps a few dollars.


  9. Scroll down the page and click Highlight HTML to highlight the code for the link; then press Ctrl+C.

    The code is copied to your computer clipboard.

  10. Go to the web page where you want the ad to appear and paste the code into the page.