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How to Make Lists for Your Online Business Website

By Greg Holden

Lists are simple and effective ways to break up text and make the web content for your business easier to digest. They’re easy to create and easy for your customer to view and absorb. Suppose that you import your own decorations and want to offer certain varieties at a discount during various seasons.

Rather than bury the items you’re offering within an easily overlooked paragraph, why not divide your list into subgroups so that visitors find what they want without being distracted by holidays they don’t even celebrate?

Lists are easy to implement. If you’re using Microsoft Expression web (a trial version is available at

  • Type a heading for your list and then select the entire heading.

    For example, you might type and then select the words This Month’s Specials.

  • Choose a heading style from the Style drop-down list.

    Your text is formatted as a heading.

  • Click anywhere in Expression web’s Design View (the main editing window) to deselect the heading you just formatted.

  • Press Enter to move to a new line.

  • Type the first item of your list, press Enter, and then type the second item on the next line.

  • Repeat Step 5 until you enter all the items of your list.

  • Select all the items of your list (but not the heading).

  • Choose Format→Bullets and Numbering.

    The List Properties dialog box appears.

  • Choose one of the four bullet styles and click OK.

    A bullet appears next to each list item, and the items appear closer together onscreen so that they look more like a list. That’s all there is to it!


  • Most web editors let you vary the appearance of the bullet. For example, you can make the bullet a hollow circle rather than a solid black dot, or you can choose a rectangle rather than a circle.