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What to Include in Your Etsy Shipping Policies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Unless you enjoy keeping your Etsy customers in the dark about how and when they can expect to receive their items, you’ll want to outline a clear policy with respect to shipping.

As you develop your shipping policy, consider these areas:

  • What shipping carrier you’ll use: Do you plan to ship via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)? FedEx? UPS? DHL? Pony Express? Delivery owl?

  • Which delivery option you’ll select from your shipping carrier: Say that you’ve opted to ship via USPS. Will you choose First Class? Priority Mail? Media Mail?

  • Whether you’ll include delivery confirmation or insurance: Smart money has you providing both — especially for higher-priced items. That way, if a package gets lost en route, you’re covered.

  • Whether you’re willing to ship internationally: If you are, decide whether you or the buyer will be responsible for any Customs fees incurred.

  • How you’ll handle combined shipping: Many sellers discount shipping when buyers purchase multiple items from their Etsy shop at once. Although you’re certainly not obligated to do so, adopting this practice can be a good way to increase sales.

  • How quickly you’ll ship the item: Some sellers promise to ship items within one business day. Other sellers need a little more time. Be sure to let your buyers know what they can expect from you in this regard.

    If you make custom items, you want to account for the time it takes to make the item when estimating how quickly you’ll ship it.

  • Your willingness to upgrade: Sometimes buyers need their items quickly. To accommodate those buyers, consider offering expedited shipping — for example, overnighting the item.

  • How you’ll package items you ship: Will you send your piece in a padded envelope or a box? Do you recycle packaging materials? Is gift wrapping available?

After you decide on your basic policies, you can add them to your shop’s Shop Policies page.