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What Are Etsy Forums?

Etsy offers member forums that let you interact with other members of the Etsy community. Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds on Etsy knows that it’s a bang-up place to buy and sell gorgeous handmade and vintage pieces. But Etsy is more than just an amazing online marketplace; it’s also a vibrant community of interesting, creative people. On Etsy, connections are made, friendships are formed, love matches are made, and lives are enriched.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines forum as “a public meeting place for open discussion,” derived from the marketplaces and public places found in ancient Roman cities across that great empire. Similarly, Etsy’s forums serve as meeting places for Etsy members. In essence, Etsy forums are public message boards where members can discuss all manner of topics.

Etsy supports five main forums:

  • Announcements: This forum is reserved for Etsy staff, for posting site-related announcements. Check this forum for news about upcoming site changes.

  • Site Help: If you have general questions about how to use Etsy, questions about site features, or queries related to site policy, this forum is for you. Odds are someone in the Etsy community or on the Etsy staff can — and will — answer your question!

  • Business Topics: Are you looking for shop-related advice — for example, help running and marketing your Etsy shop, assistance with PayPal-related issues, info about shipping, or advice on navigating the ups and downs of running a small business? If so, visit the Business Topics forum.

  • Ideas: Did you wake up at 3 a.m. with an idea that could revolutionize Etsy? Then post it in the Ideas forum. It acts like a suggestion box of sorts. You can also use this forum to discuss changes to the site or offer site-related constructive criticism.

  • Bugs: If you come across some part of the site that’s not working as intended, check the Bugs forum to see if anyone else has experienced the same glitch. If not, use the forum to report it.

None of Etsy’s forums is meant to serve as a complaint desk. If you need to air a grievance, e-mail it to community@etsy.com.