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Special Considerations for Pricing Vintage Items on Etsy

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

If your Etsy shop specializes in the sale of vintage goodies rather than handmade items, you can forget about any prescribed formula. No “formula” exists for pricing these types of items. Instead, you have to rely on your knowledge of the piece. Specifically, you want to be armed with the following information:

  • What is the piece? Obviously, you want to know what, exactly, you have for sale.

  • How old is the piece? Older pieces tend to be more valuable than newer ones.

  • What company manufactured the piece? Certain manufacturers are held in higher esteem than others. That’s why a Tiffany lamp is a lot more valuable than one made by another company and can command a much higher price.

  • What condition is the piece in? Obviously, an item in good condition can command a higher price than one that appears to have passed through a farm thresher.

  • How desirable is the piece? Items that are rare or highly collectible generate much more interest than run-of-the-mill pieces.

When pricing a vintage item, also consider how much time you’ve invested in the piece, both in researching it and in finding it in the first place. Finally, assuming that you bought the item, you must take into account how much you paid for it, as well as any costs you incurred to clean it up, fix any broken bits, and so on.

Still not sure where to start? Try scoping out the competition. Search Etsy or eBay to see if any other sellers have listed something similar. If so, how much are they charging? Assuming that your piece is in the same condition as theirs, it can give you a good starting point.