Navigating Etsy from the Header Bar - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

To help you easily and quickly access the tools you need, every Etsy page, including the home page, contains a header bar with several links. As with the links along the top of the page, the appearance of the header bar differs depending on whether you’re signed in to your Etsy account. If you’re not signed in, the header bar contains the following links:

  • Etsy: No matter where you are on the Etsy site, you can return to the home page by clicking the Etsy logo in the header bar.

  • Register: Click this link to register with the site.

  • Sign In: To sign in to your account, click this link.

  • Cart: Click this link to view items in your shopping cart.


When you sign in to the site, these links replace the Register and Sign In links:

  • Activity: If you opt to participate in the Etsy community — for example, by adding items or shops to your Favorites, creating Treasury lists, or following other Etsy members — you’ll see evidence of that activity in your Activity Feed, which you access by clicking this button.

  • Conversations: A conversation — or convo, if you don’t have time for all those extra syllables — is a communication with another member using Etsy’s internal messaging system. To view any active convos, click this link.

  • Favorites: Etsy enables you to bookmark your favorite items as shops by adding them to your Favorites. In Etsy-ese, this is also called hearting. To view your Favorites, click this link.

  • Shop: Clicking this icon offers quick access to the public-facing side of your Etsy shop, so you can get a quick idea of how the shop looks to your customers.


Regardless of whether you’re signed in to your Etsy account, the header bar also displays Etsy’s Search tool, which you can use to locate handmade items, vintage items, supplies, and shops. If you’re signed in, you can also use the Search tool to search among your favorite items and your favorite shops. Simply type a keyword in the Search field and press Enter or Return or click the Search button.