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Improving Search Results for Your Etsy Shop with Keywords

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

It’s not enough to write catchy item titles for your Etsy products. You also need to ensure that those titles are optimized for search. Keep a few points in mind:

  • Include keywords, but not too many. Every item title that you write needs to contain at least one keyword or phrase. You want to make sure that your title contains as many keywords as possible. But stuffing your title with too many keywords for the sake of SEO may render it boring, if not completely unreadable. The idea is to write titles that are catchy for people and PCs.

  • Put keywords first. Place keywords at or near the beginning of your item title. Although search engines search your entire title for keyword matches, they display only the first 66 characters (including spaces) of it in the list of results. To increase the chances that anyone searching for that keyword will visit your shop, you want to make sure that the keyword shows up in that results list.

The same points apply to your item description — except one: Search engines display more characters from your item description in search results. But again, even though you have a little more wiggle room, you want to make sure that your keywords appear toward the beginning. You also want to repeat any keywords at least once in your item description, to boost your Etsy shop in the search rankings.

Here’s an example of an item listing that makes good use of keywords:

Nehi Grape Bottle Cap Bracelet: Grape Expectations

Quench your thirst for handmade jewelry with this bottle cap bracelet! This eco-friendly bracelet represents the finest in bottle cap crafts. Constructed from vintage Nehi Grape bottle caps from my grandfather’s attic, sterling silver findings, and purple Swarovski crystal beads, the bracelet measures 7 inches (17.7 centimeters) across but can be adjusted to accommodate a more diminutive wrist.

As you type your item title and description in Etsy, you can view how it will appear in Google search results. Simply click the Show Preview link under the Description text box.