How to View Your Etsy Shop Stats - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Ever wonder how many people have visited your Etsy shop? Or what keywords they used to find an item in your store? Or what page they were on before they landed on your doorstep? (This last one is helpful for determining whether that ad you placed on that blog is actually directing readers to your Etsy shop like it’s supposed to.)

Thanks to Etsy Shop Stats, you can find out. You can also use Etsy’s Shop Stats tool to assess your sales activity at a glance. This tool offers you a great way to quickly digest whether sales in your shop are up, down, or steady. To access the tool, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the Your Shop button that appears along the top of every Etsy page and click Shop Stats in the menu that appears.

    The Shop Stats page opens.

  2. Click the Stats For drop-down list and choose the desired time period — for example, Last 7 Days, Last 12 Months, or what have you.


As you can see, this screen boasts a plethora of information, in text and graph form:

  • The number of views: This helps you gauge how well the tags and keywords in your title are working for you.

  • The number of people who have favorited your shop: This helps you determine how well your brand is working for you — that is, whether your entire shop is so compelling that someone would want to favorite it.

  • The number of orders received: This can help you track order fluctuations — by day, by week, and by month — which is useful in planning. With this information, you know when your high and low cycles are, so you can plan for them (for example, ordering supplies before they get critically low).

  • The amount of revenue generated: This can help you determine how well you’re meeting your income goals.

  • Sources of shop traffic: This offers a gauge of how well your marketing efforts are working. With this info, you can figure out whether you need to focus more on getting found within Etsy — for example, by springing for Etsy Search ads — becoming more active on Pinterest, or what have you.

  • Sources of shop traffic from within Etsy: Use this info to determine how well you’re represented on Etsy. You may discover that you need to put a bit more emphasis on improving your results with Etsy Search or other Etsy tools.

  • Keywords used on Etsy, Google, and other search sites to find your shop: This is a great place to find new keywords to use in your product titles and descriptions, not to mention find new tags for your items.

  • Specific shop pages viewed and listing favorites: Both of these are a gauge of which items in your shop are the most popular. You can use this to inform new designs.

The Shop Stats page can also help you gauge the success of any Etsy Search Ads you’re running, including the amount spent on Search Ads, the number of impressions your ad has received, the number of times your listing page was viewed from your ad, the number of times your items have been favorited from an ad, the number of orders resulting from ads, and the revenue generated from ads.

Oh, one more thing: You may notice a web Analytics tab in the Options page, which you access by clicking Options in the Shop Settings section of Your Shop. This is for shop owners with a Google Analytics account. Etsy’s Shop Stats are pretty effective on their own. But if you’re interested in Google Analytics, read this Etsy Help article.