How to View Customer Service Stats on Etsy - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

You can view Customer Service Stats on Etsy. Doing so will help you get a handle on areas where your customer-service skills excel — and which areas need a little work. To access your Customer Service stats, hover your mouse pointer over the Your Shop button that appears along the top of every Etsy page and click Customer Service Stats in the menu that appears.

These stats, which are based on the last 60 calendar days of your shop’s activity, cover the following:

  • Response time to buyer conversations: Etsy suggests that you respond to any convos initiated by buyers from your listings, your shop, a purchases page, or a receipt page within one business day. This stat indicates whether, on average, you meet this benchmark.

  • Providing processing times: This reflects the percentage of active listings in your shop for which processing times have been set. Setting a processing time helps manage your buyers’ expectations when it comes to how long it takes you to ship their items. You can set a processing time when you create or edit a listing, or by clicking the Provide Processing Times link on the Customer Service Stats page.

  • Meeting processing times: Of course, it’s not enough to set a processing time. You must also to meet it. This stat reflects whether, on average, you ship within one day of the processing times you set.

  • Marking items as shipped: Marking items as shipped helps you to keep track of whether you’re meeting your processing times; it also lets buyers know their goodies are on the way. This stat indicates how frequently you mark items as shipped, measured as a percentage. (Note that if you use Etsy to print shipping labels, items are marked as shipped automatically.)

  • Providing tracking information: Etsy is a fan of providing tracking numbers for buyers to help keep them informed and to help you avoid being hit with a non-delivery case. Using this stat, you can gauge how frequently you offer this service, in percentage form.