How to Start a New Thread on an Etsy Forum - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

In addition to responding to posts in Etsy threads that others have started, you can start your own new thread if you have an issue that hasn’t already been addressed. Here’s the drill:

  1. Click the title of the forum in which you want to create a new thread.

  2. Click the Create Thread button in the upper-right corner of the forum page.

    The Create a New Thread page opens.

  3. Type a descriptive, relevant title for your thread in the Title field.

    For best results, type your whole question into the Title field (if it fits).

  4. Type your post in the Post field.

  5. Click the Create Topic button.

    Etsy creates a new thread, with your post at the top.


When you start a new thread, be sure to start it in the correct forum. For example, don’t start a thread asking for advice about your Etsy shop in, say, the Site Help forum. That discussion belongs in the Business Topics forum. Be aware that if you do start a thread in the wrong forum, Etsy may move it to the appropriate forum without notice.

Before you start a new thread, try searching for existing threads that cover your topic of interest. To do so, open the main Forums page, type a relevant keyword or phrase in the Search field in the header bar, and click the Search button. Etsy searches existing forum threads for the keyword or phrase that you entered and displays a list of matches.