How to Sign Up for Etsy E-Mail Newsletters - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of fantastic items on Etsy, you’ll want to sign up for Etsy e-mail newsletters. When you do, you’ll receive handy messages featuring all manner of kicky items, right in your e-mail inbox. Click any entry in an Etsy e-mail to launch Etsy in your web browser and view the associated item listing.


Different types of e-mail newsletters

You can choose to subscribe to any or all of the following Etsy e-mail newsletters:

  • Etsy Finds: This daily e-mail is chock-full of clever goodies from a variety of Etsy sellers.

  • Etsy Gifts: This e-mail, sent seasonally, is stuffed with gift ideas for everyone on your list.

  • Etsy Fashion: If fashion’s your bag, you’ll enjoy tracking fashion trends on Etsy with this biweekly e-mail newsletter.

  • Etsy Weddings: Sure, all weddings are special. But let’s face it, weddings featuring handmade or vintage items are even more special. If you’re in the midst of planning your own nuptials or you craft items that are made just for brides, grooms, or other members of the bridal party, this weekly e-mail newsletter is for you.

  • Etsy Dudes: Yes, it’s true, Etsy members are overwhelmingly female. But when you’re talking about a community as large as Etsy, you’ll still find thousands of guys around. If you have a Y chromosome (or buy presents for someone who does), you’ll love this weekly e-mail newsletter geared toward dudes.

  • Etsy Teams: The Etsy Teams e-mail, sent once a week, broadcasts team-related news.

  • Etsy Success: For tips from top sellers, subscribe to the Etsy Success e-mail, sent biweekly.

  • Etsy Labs: Do you live in or near Brooklyn, New York, where Etsy’s offices are located? If so, you’ll want to sign up for the weekly Etsy Labs e-mail newsletter, which includes a schedule of events at Etsy Labs. A community workspace of sorts, Etsy Labs plays host to various events. To make sure that out-of-towners aren’t left out, Etsy broadcasts some of these events in the Online Labs.

In addition to the e-mail newsletters listed here, Etsy sends newsletters in French, German, and Dutch, as well as ones for crafting communities in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and Canada.

How to subscribe to e-mail newsletters

To sign up for Etsy e-mail newsletters, follow these steps:

  1. On any Etsy Blog page, scroll down until you see the Etsy Finds field on the right. Alternatively, on Etsy’s main page, scroll down until you see the Daily Finds Email field on the left. Then click the See Our Other Newsletters link.

    The Etsy E-mails page opens. Notice that in addition to enabling you to choose what newsletters you want to subscribe to, you can perform other e-mail–related actions, such as indicating what types of e-mail notifications you want to receive from Etsy.

  2. Click the check box next to each newsletter to which you want to subscribe.

  3. Click the Save Settings button.

    Etsy signs you up to receive the newsletters you selected.

If you decide that you no longer want to receive a newsletter, simply click the blue Unsubscribe link that appears along the bottom of any Etsy newsletter. Alternatively, manage your subscriptions by unchecking the check boxes next to the newsletters to which you want to unsubscribe.