How to Refuse Service to an Etsy Buyer - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Although Etsy asks that sellers do everything they can to honor a sale, on extremely rare occasions, you may feel that you must refuse service. For example, if you feel that you’re being harassed by a buyer, or if a buyer becomes belligerent — or if, say, you’re a Hatfield and the buyer is a McCoy — you do have the right to refuse service, no questions asked.

You may also refuse service if your gut instinct tells you that the buyer isn’t on the up and up — for example, if you sense that he has paid with a stolen credit card or is attempting to commit some other type of fraud.

Refusing service is a rare event, indeed. It’s something you want to do only as a last resort.

To refuse service to a buyer, simply use an Etsy convo to politely inform the buyer that you won’t be able to send the item she purchased. You don’t need to explain yourself; in fact, the less you say, the better. Then take the necessary steps to cancel the sale and refund the buyer’s money.

After you refuse service to a buyer, if that person continues to contact you, you can report the problem to If Etsy agrees with you that the behavior constitutes harassment, Etsy may suspend the buyer’s account.