How to Prompt a Buyer to Pay for an Etsy Order - dummies

How to Prompt a Buyer to Pay for an Etsy Order

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Most of the time, buyers pay right away when they purchase from an Etsy shop. In fact, if they opt to use PayPal, they must pay right away. But occasionally, you may encounter buyers who take their sweet time when it comes to tendering the Benjamins.

If that happens, you must take matters into your own hands by issuing a polite reminder for them to pay up. Not sure what to write? Try something like the following:

Dear Loretta,

Just a quick note to thank you for your purchase. I’m so glad you found some goodies to love!

Whenever you get a chance, please send me your check (the total is $44.50) so that I can put your piece in the mail.

Thanks so much, Loretta! I can’t wait until you see your treats. Happy day to you!


If the result of any mayhem is neutral or negative feedback, fear not. Thanks to an Etsy feature called Kiss and Make Up, buyers and sellers can, er, kiss and make up.

To initiate Kiss and Make Up proceedings with a buyer-turned-baddie, go to Your Account, click the Feedback link, click the Completed Feedback tab, and click the red Kiss and Make Up link beneath the befouled feedback entry. Etsy starts a convo between you and the buyer to initiate a change in the feedback rating.

If your buyer fails to respond to your gentle nudge within a reasonable time frame, you may relist the item and cancel the sale.

If a buyer doesn’t pay up, forcing you to cancel the sale and re-list the item, provide feedback on the buyer to that effect. You’ll be doing all your Etsy seller brethren a favor.