How to Mark an Item As Shipped in Etsy - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

If for whatever reason you opted out of printing your shipping labels through Etsy — maybe you don’t accept Direct Checkout (meaning Etsy’s print shipping labels feature isn’t currently available to you) or you prefer a different shipping provider over USPS — you’ll need to manually mark your item as shipped once you’ve sent it on its merry way. This essentially closes the order. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Your Shop link along the top of any Etsy page.

    The Your Shop page opens.

  2. Click the Sold Orders link, under Orders, on the left side of the page.

  3. Click the Open tab.

    The Open Orders page appears.

  4. Click the Mark as Shipped button in the listing for the item you just shipped.

    Etsy updates the listing to show that it has been shipped. The item also appears on the Completed Orders page, which you access by clicking the Completed tab.

    An Add Shipping Notification option appears — click it to open a window that enables you to send a message to your buyer, letting him know the package is on its way and informing him of the delivery confirmation number. (This note is optional, but it’s a nice way to reconnect with your buyer.) You can even save the text from your note and reuse it for later transactions.