How to Join or Start an Etsy Chat Room - dummies

How to Join or Start an Etsy Chat Room

Etsy hosts chat rooms where you can interact with other Etsy members — for example, you may join a chat organized by the captain of your favorite Etsy team. And if there isn’t a chat room to meet your needs, you can start a new one.

  1. To access other Etsy chatters, open the main Etsy Community page.


  2. Click the Chat link in the top-center area of the page.

    The Chat Rooms page opens, listing currently active chat rooms and giving you the option to create a new chat room of your own.


  3. To join an existing chat room, in the Chat Rooms page, click the Join button next to the entry for the chat room that you want to join.

    If the chat is password-protected, you’ll see a field with a lock icon to the left of the Join button; you then need to enter the password before clicking the Join button to join the chat. The chat room opens.


Every Etsy chat room, whether it’s one that already exists or one that you created, has the same basic layout:

  • On the left side of the screen, you see lines of text scrolling upward, with each line preceded by the user name of the person who typed it. These lines of text comprise the conversation occurring in the chat room.

  • To add your own two cents to the conversation, type in the Chat field below the scrolling lines of text; press Enter or Return or click Send to add them to the stream.


  • On the right side of the screen, you may see a scrolling series of pictures. These are images from item listings shared by chat participants. You can click a photo to view more about the listing, including links to the listing itself. A smaller image represents the avatar of the person who shared the item listing.

  • To share your own listing photos, copy the listing’s ID or URL and paste it in the field below the scrolling photos; press Enter or Return or click Send to add the photo to the stream. Note that you aren’t limited to sharing your own listing photos.

    Don’t barrage a chat room with images from your own listings; make it a point to share listings from other Etsy shops as well.

  • Below the conversation stream and item listings, you’ll notice several thumbnail-sized images. These are the avatars of other Etsy members currently in the chat room. When you hover your mouse pointer over an avatar, Etsy displays Shop, Profile, and /Msg links.

Creating a new chat room is almost as easy as joining an existing one:

  1. At the bottom of the Chat Rooms page, simply type a name for the chat room in the Title field, under Create a New Room.

  2. You have the option of password-protecting your chat room to keep it private; to password-protect the chat, type a password in the Password field.

    If you password-protect the chat, you can send the password to other Etsy members via a convo.

  3. Click Create to create the room.

    Other Etsy members can then join your chat room as they would any other.

You can’t close a chat room that you’ve opened, but it will disappear from the list of available chat rooms when it has been inactive for a prescribed period of time.