How to Join Etsy Prototypes - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Want to be on the cutting edge on Etsy? Then look into Prototypes. Prototypes are projects run by Etsy Admin that explore different ways of using Etsy. The idea behind Prototypes is to gather data and observe how people use the tools offered in the Prototype. You access the Prototypes page by clicking the Prototypes link under More Ways to Shop on Etsy’s home page.


To participate in an Etsy Prototype, you must join it. To do so, click the Join Prototype button next to the Prototype on the main Etsy Prototypes page. You’ll be prompted to confirm your choice; click Join Prototype again. Note that when you join a Prototype, you’re automatically added to a team dedicated to that Prototype. This enables you to discuss the Prototype and interact with Etsy Admin.

Because of their experimental nature, some Prototypes don’t work as planned. Don’t panic — it’s not like anything will explode. It’s just that some Prototypes end up being somewhat of a bust, in which case they may be discontinued by Etsy. On the plus side, if a Prototype works exceptionally well, it may be incorporated into the larger Etsy site.