How to Join an Etsy Team - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Some teams are open to any and all Etsy members. Others are moderated, meaning that they limit their membership based on certain criteria. To join a team that’s open to all, simply click the Join This Team button that appears in the top-left corner of the team’s page.

Then, when prompted, click Join This Team again. A welcome message appears at the top of the team page, and your avatar appears in the list of team members. The team that you joined also appears near the top of your main Teams page.

Joining a team that restricts membership, called a moderated team, is a bit more involved. Instead of simply clicking a button, you must apply for membership, which sometimes means jumping through a few hoops. To join a moderated team, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Apply to Team button in the top-left corner of the team’s page.

    An Apply to Team dialog box appears.


  2. Read the information in the dialog box and answer any questions in the field at the bottom.

  3. Click the Apply to Team button to apply.

Assuming that you meet the membership criteria, as determined by the team captain and laid out in the team charter, you’ll likely be accepted — although the team leadership may deny membership at its discretion. Either way, after the team makes a decision, it’ll notify you via e-mail.

When you become a member of a team, you can view and respond to posts in existing threads and create new threads.

You can also opt to subscribe to team digest e-mails, which contain a summary of the team’s most recent discussion activity. That way, you can keep track of the team’s goings-on without having to log in to Etsy first. To subscribe to a team’s digest e-mail, simply click the Subscribe to Email Digest link on the left side of the team’s main page once you become a member.

Then, when prompted, click the Subscribe button. (You’ll have to do this for each team individually.) To unsubscribe, simply click the Unsubscribe from Digest link that appears on the team’s main page when you subscribe.