How to Find Information on the Etsy Blog - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Etsy’s blogs contain lots of useful information for Etsy sellers. Maybe you’re looking for tips to improve your Etsy shop. Or perhaps you want to explore a new craft medium. Or maybe you want a glimpse into the lives of other Etsy sellers.

These blogs (there are various editions: Etsy Blog, Etsy News Blog, and Seller Handbook, plus international editions) act like community newspapers of sorts, serving up loads of fresh content daily. There’s also a special Etsy Weddings Blog.

To access Etsy’s blogs, simply hover your mouse pointer over the Blogs link that appears in the upper-left corner of any Etsy page; then click the blog you want to visit from the list that appears.


Etsy has organized its main blog, the Etsy Blog, into several handy sections to help you find the info you need. Simply click a section’s link along the top of the main blog page to access that section. These sections include the following:

  • Read: Click this link for quick access to written pieces on the Etsy Blog.

  • Watch: The Etsy Blog doesn’t just feature the written word. It also boasts video content, including visual how-to’s, profiles of Etsy sellers, and more. To access this content, click the Watch link.

  • Make: Looking to master a new crafty skill? Check out Make section, with links to loads of how-to articles and videos.

  • Shop: This section is where you can track down Etsy’s Featured Sellers, chosen by Etsy administrators. You can also read other regular segments, such as “Fresh Shops,” “Editor’s Picks,” “Short Stories” (devoted to sharing the stories behind extraordinary pieces found or created by Etsy sellers), and more.

  • Editions: For quick access to other editions of the Etsy Blog, such as the Etsy News Blog, Seller Handbook, or any of the international editions (discussed momentarily), click this link.

  • About Us: Want to meet the magicians behind the curtain? Check out the About section of the Etsy Blog. In addition to spelling out the Etsy Blog’s mission statement, the About section reveals the Etsy staffers behind the blog’s content and includes an area where you can pitch your own story ideas.

As mentioned, Etsy also hosts blogs for members in other countries — namely, Blog Francais, UK Edition, Deutscher Blog, and Nederlandse Blog. To access these, click the appropriate link under Other Etsy Blogs on the right side of any Etsy blog page. Alternatively, access them by clicking the Editions link along the top of any blog post. (Note that these alterna-lingual blogs are not accessible from the Etsy Weddings blog.)

To read an article or view a video in any of Etsy’s blogs, simply click the article title. Etsy opens the article in its own page.


To search for an article in any of Etsy’s blogs (except for Etsy Weddings, which, mysteriously, does not support search), follow these easy steps:

  1. Type your keyword in the Search the Blog box in the upper-right corner of the blog’s main page.

  2. Click the Search button.

    Etsy displays a list of blog articles containing the keyword you typed.

  3. Click an article title to view it.

In addition to reading the articles on Etsy’s blogs, make it a point to peruse the comments left by Etsy members. These comments are often as enlightening as the article itself. If you have something to add, don’t hesitate to weigh in; just scroll to the bottom of the comments, type your two cents in the Add Your Comment box, and click the Add Your Comment button.

Although the Etsy Blog is written primarily by various Etsy staffers, members of the Etsy community sometimes contribute. To pitch your idea, click the About us link on the Etsy Blog to open the About us page. Type your e-mail address in the field provided; then type your story idea, optionally including an image. Finally, click the Submit button. If Etsy likes your idea, it’ll let you know!