How to Find and Join an Etsy Virtual Lab - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Etsy’s Community section features a special page with Online Labs — essentially, videos in which Etsy staffers and members share vital info such as crafting how-to’s, seller tips, and other educational tidbits.

To access these Online Labs, open the main Etsy Community page; then click the Online Labs link on the left side of the page. The Online Labs page opens. On this page, you can view existing Online Labs in the video library and see upcoming events. These events are largely informational in nature.

Most are about selling on Etsy, but some cover craft how to’s or other topics. They may be in various formats, such as a presentation held at Etsy HQ or a conversation between an Etsy Admin and an “expert” in a particular topic or between Etsy Admin and shop owners. In general, these events are a great way to further your Etsy education!

To view an existing Online Lab video, click one of the several categories that appears under the Video Library heading. These vary depending on what events have gone down but might include Etsy Success, Etsy How-To, Etsy Code as Craft, Hello Etsy, Etsy Teams, and more. Then click a video you want to watch. Etsy plays back the video in the main Online Labs window.

To participate in an Online Labs event, simply visit the Online Labs page at the event’s scheduled time. Online Labs events are interactive, meaning you can ask questions by typing them in the box below the streaming video. You can also use the box on the right side of the screen to chat with other participants.

Although you’re not required to do so, you can RSVP to upcoming events. When you do (by clicking the event’s RSVP Now button), Etsy will send you an e-mail reminder about the event 15 minutes before it starts.