How to Fill Out Your Etsy Profile - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Everyone on Etsy has a public profile page. Why? A couple reasons. For one, being able to check out other Etsy members helps to inspire confidence in the site. That is, it’s not populated by a bunch of faceless buyers and sellers; it’s populated by actual people! For another, it’s fun to see who else is on the site.

An Etsy profile can include the following tidbits:

  • Your profile picture (also known as your avatar)

  • Your name

  • Your gender

  • Your city

  • Your birthday

  • Your bio

  • A list of your favorite materials

Anyone who visits your Etsy shop can access your public profile by clicking your name or avatar on any page in your Etsy shop.

To populate your Etsy public profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Your Account link along the top of any Etsy page.

    The Your Account page opens.

  2. Click the Public Profile link on the left side of the screen.

    The Your Public Profile page appears.

  3. To add a profile picture, or avatar, to your profile, click the Browse button; then, in the dialog box that appears, locate and select the image you want to use.

  4. If you want, indicate your gender.

    If you prefer to keep that information private, select the Rather Not Say option button.


  5. Type your city in the City field.

    As you type, Etsy displays a list of matching locales; click your town in the list to select it.

    By entering your location, you enable Etsy buyers to find your shop using the Shop Local tool.

  6. Use the Month and Day drop-down lists to enter your birthday.

  7. Type your bio in the About box.

    Note: You should also disclose any other usernames you use on Etsy in the About box of your public profile. For example, you might write, “I’m also on Etsy under these usernames…”

  8. In the Favorite Materials box, indicate which materials you like to use, separating entries with a comma and a space.

    You can add as many as 13.

  9. If you want your profile to include your shop, any favorite items or shops, any Treasury lists you’ve compiled, and any teams you’ve joined, leave the check boxes at the bottom of the screen checked.

    Just remember: If you choose to share your favorite items, Treasury lists, or teams with the public, buyers visiting your shop can see them, too. Make sure that you keep things on the appropriate side and that these items are a good reflection of who you are as a brand.

  10. Click the Save Changes button.

    Etsy saves the changes you made to your profile.

  11. To preview your profile, click the View Profile button.

    Etsy shows you how your profile will appear to others.