How to Copy Your Etsy Listing to Use Again - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Suppose that you’ve created multiple items that are the same. In this case, instead of building a new listing for each item from scratch, you can create one listing and then copy it. Here’s how you do so (after you log in to your Etsy account):

1Click the Shop icon in your Etsy header bar.

Your Etsy shop opens.

2Click the listing that you want to copy in your Etsy shop.

The listing opens.

3Click the Copy link in the Listing Tools toolbar along the top of the listing.

The List an Item page opens.

Another way to launch the copy operation is to open the Currently for Sale page in Your Shop and click the Copy link on the right side of the listing that you want to copy.

4Step through the listing-creation process.

As you do, notice that the information in each section is entered for you, based on the listing you copied. You can change this information as needed.

5Click the Preview Listing button to review your listing.

This is your chance to check for errors.

6To post the listing, click the Publish button.

A new listing based on the one you copied is posted.