How to Add Sales Information for Your Etsy Item - dummies

How to Add Sales Information for Your Etsy Item

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

In addition to your listing information, Etsy would like for you to add your sales information, as well. Follow these steps to enter the item’s price and quantity, as well as a few tidbits on shipping:

  1. Enter the item’s price in the Price field.

  2. Type the item’s quantity in — you guessed it — the Quantity field.

    Note that you will be charged 20¢ total for your item listing, regardless of quantity.

  3. Optionally, in the Shipping section, click the Ready to Ship In drop-down list and choose the option that reflects how much time you’ll need to prepare the order for shipping.

  4. Click the Ships From drop-down list and choose your geographic location.

    Etsy updates the Shipping section to enable you to indicate how much shipping will cost when the item is sent within the United States and elsewhere. Enter the appropriate info.


To expedite this step, you can create shipping profiles for your items. A shipping profile is simply a collection of shipping-related settings that you can apply to an item listing in one fell swoop instead of entering them one by one.

If you have a lot of listings to upload, you’ll find that using shipping profiles makes your work go a lot faster! Once you’ve created a shipping profile, Etsy enables you to select it in the Shipping section.