Etsy’s Do’s and Don’ts - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

Every Etsy member must make it a point to peruse the site’s DOs & DON’Ts. This page spells out everything you need to do to avoid committing a potentially embarrassing gaffe on the site. To view this page, click the Help link that appears in the upper-right corner of every Etsy page, click the Site Policies link, and click the DOs & DON’Ts link.

In brief, the DOs & DON’Ts page covers the following:

  • Membership: This section of Etsy’s DOs & DON’Ts outlines how members must behave on the site, specifies whether members can transfer ownership of an Etsy account to another party, clarifies the ins and outs of maintaining multiple accounts, specifies the scenarios under which collectives may be formed, and more.

  • Conversations: This section pertains to the use of conversations, or convos. Although members may use convos to build friendly relationships with each other, they’re intended primarily for communicating about transactions. Under no circumstances should you use convos to send spam, harass another member, or interfere with a transaction.

  • Transactions: Here, Etsy defines what a transaction is, clarifies its own role in any transaction, and spells out policies relating to transactions for both buyers and sellers. This section also indicates what to do when the buyer doesn’t pay up, what happens when a seller doesn’t deliver, what recourse a buyer has when an item isn’t up to snuff, and more.

  • Feedback: Etsy members rely on feedback to gauge a buyer or seller’s reputation. This section indicates the rules regarding leaving feedback and cites situations in which feedback may be removed or altered.

  • Marketplace Criteria: To get the skinny on what is — and is not — acceptable for sale on Etsy, peruse this section.

  • Advertising on Etsy: Many Etsy sellers advertise their items on the site to increase the number of eyeballs that see it. This section spells out a few of the rules with respect to this practice.

  • Flagging: Members can use Etsy’s flagging features to alert the site to potential problems. This section explains when flagging is appropriate and what happens when someone or something is flagged.

  • Community: In this section, members discover what Etsy deems appropriate behavior on the site’s various community features, including its forums and teams. This section takes special care to remind members that these areas are public, meaning that people need to use common sense when sharing personal information on them. It also emphasizes the importance of treating everyone on the site with kindness and respect.