Etsy Community Etiquette - dummies

By Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup

When it comes to interacting with the Etsy community — for example, in the forums or within a team — some important ground rules apply. Etsy’s DOs & DON’Ts spell out these rules in detail. If you violate any of these rules, Etsy may take action, ranging from removing your post or closing your thread to booting you from the site entirely.

Chief among these rules is this: For Pete’s sake, be nice. It should go without saying that you need to treat all Etsy members with respect, but we’re saying it anyway, just so there’s no confusion. Also, never knowingly harass, insult, abuse, or otherwise dog another site user. Finally, don’t “call out” an Etsy member, shop, or item — that is, discuss him, her, or it in a negative manner. (Duh.)

Beyond that, keep a few other points in mind as you mingle in the Etsy community (for a complete list, check out the aforementioned DOs & DON’Ts page):

  • Don’t post angry. Yes, discussions in Etsy’s community spaces sometimes get testy. After all, the Etsy community consists of millions of passionate, creative types. But if you find yourself getting your dander up, step away from the keyboard. In the history of the world, no good ever came from firing off a message in anger! Besides, if you do, you’ll likely violate the aforementioned “Be nice” rule.

  • Stay on topic. Sure, tangents happen. But if the tangent intensifies to such a degree that it threatens to smother the main discussion, others interested in the “real” topic can’t find the info they need. If you find yourself part of a discussion that’s gone off the rails, consider starting a new thread to handle that tangential issue.

  • Protect your privacy. Don’t share private information of any type, such as your (or someone else’s) e-mail address, phone number, address, or what have you, on Etsy’s public spaces. Also, put the kibosh on public discussions about specific transactions or feedback that you’ve received. For help on those issues, contact Etsy support.

  • Don’t solicit. Even if you’re raising money for the best, most important charity on the planet, Etsy members are prohibited from trolling for donations or engaging in other types of fundraising on the Etsy teams and forums. Similarly, spamming Etsy teams and forums — that is, posting unsolicited advertisements — is prohibited.