Critical Conversion Points for Your Online Business - dummies

Critical Conversion Points for Your Online Business

By Shannon Belew, Joel Elad

Conversion points are those places online (and sometimes offline, if you also have bricks-and-mortar location), where buyers are directly engaging with your brand. Conversion points can be on your website, or may be delivered through other vehicles or sites.

While there are plenty of places where your buyers may be influenced, keep in mind that conversion points are those engagement opportunities that you construct and control. You want to create offers (to prompt the conversions) for every stage of the sales funnel and for every type of buyer persona.

Here are some example conversion points:

  • Landing page on your website: This is the page people will first come to or “land” on your website, and it may include an offer for a free trial or a white paper, for example.
  • Landing page off your website: Instead of driving buyers to your site (where they can wander from page to page), you may want to try and force a conversion by showing only a specific offer and not include navigation to the rest of your site). This is often used with pay-per-click ads (like Google AdWords).
  • Paid ads: This includes Google AdWords, Bing ads, retargeting ads, and paid social media ads.
  • On-site offers: Throughout your website, you are likely to offer different types of calls to action. You may have several on a single page, or may have them on your company’s blog. It’s possible that you might have customized offers that pop-up on a particular web page that provides content to a particular buyer persona.
  • E-mail: When sending communications to your database of prospective and existing buyers, you want to provide offers that will elicit a conversion.
  • Mobile apps: Whether you introduce an offer through a paid opportunity through someone else’s app, or you create a mobile app specifically for your site, mobile apps can be effective conversion points.
  • Branded social media channels: Although buyers may find out about your site via social channels and online communities, you can provide conversion points through your company’s social media channels.