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Your Next Cause Marketing Program: Educating Partners

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

After you finish your first cause marketing program, your goals are twofold: Educate your partner on the highs of the program and build a stronger connection to your cause’s mission.

Here are some key actions to take following the program:

  • Emphasize the turnkey nature of the program. The cause should create, operate, and execute the cause marketing program. The only thing the cause shouldn’t do is what has to be done by the company (for example, solicit shoppers at the register) or what the company wants or insists on doing.

  • Meet your contact’s boss. If your response is that you dealt with the owner, president, or chief executive officer and don’t have a boss to meet, you’ve already achieved this goal. But a lot of cause marketing programs don’t begin with the top dog at a business.

    Many programs begin with a mid-level marketing person. But you don’t want it to stay with them. Making a personal connection with the head of the company potentially makes your program more personal, visible, and long lasting. A common ingredient to long and successful programs is CEO commitment to the program.

  • Teaching about cause marketing never stops. Because cause marketing may not have an immediate bottom-line benefit to their business, business owners need to know that the favorability cause marketing delivers is like soaking rain after a dry spell — it takes time to seep in. But when it does, it makes everything a lot greener!

  • Show the impact and say thank you. Invite the business owner, managers, and employees of your organization to show them how you’re using the donation! No time for them to come to your nonprofit?

    Visit them with some of the dogs and cats that benefited from their support of your animal shelter. Show them all the people they fed or made smile or gave a place to sleep. Bring some kids in to their business to sing to them! This will mean a lot to your donors and will keep them engaged.

  • Stay top of mind. Stay in touch, Ensure you are talking to them and blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking about them, too. Digital tools are a great way to stay connected with partners. While they don’t replace human contact, they’re a great substitute for the times in between face-to-face meetings.