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Using an E-mail Newsletter to Expand Your Blog

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

The question on every blogger’s mind is how to keep readers coming back. One of the best answers is using an e-mail newsletter. Samuel Johnson famously said that it’s more important to be reminded than informed.

It’s easy for readers to visit your blog once or twice and then just forget to visit it again as they move on to a new project, interest, or blog. Assume that your readers are still interested in the content; they just need to be reminded that it’s still out there.

Enter the e-mail newsletter, which has three important benefits to bloggers:

  • E-mail is familiar to almost everyone. While not everyone fully understands what a blog is or how to navigate one, nearly everyone has an e-mail address and knows how to open a new message in their inbox.

  • Readers don’t have to visit your blog to read your latest posts. It visits them! (This benefit goes back to an important point — never give people an excuse to say no.)

  • E-mail newsletters are easy to view and share. Most e-mail newsletter services, such as Aweber and Constant Contact, offer a dedicated webpage as a backup to e-mail and social media links so that readers can quickly and easily share content.

    Newsletter for Selfish Giving.
    Constant Contact allows the reader to view the newsletter on a webpage and to share its content on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.