Twitter as Part of Your Cause Marketing Strategy - dummies

Twitter as Part of Your Cause Marketing Strategy

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

One of the ways companies and causes can work together is thru the use of Twitter. Twitter can be an invaluable tool for promoting your cause marketing program. Here are some things to like about Twitter for cause marketing.

  • You can learn a lot about cause marketing on Twitter. You don’t have to read multiple newspapers and a host of online sites to stay abreast of the latest cause marketing partnerships and moves. Now he just follows Twitter. Not only does he feel he gets all the news he needs on cause marketing, but the people he follows on Twitter help decide what is and isn’t worth reading.

  • Twitter users are eager to learn about cause marketing from you. After Google, Twitter can rank high on your list of sites that drive traffic to a cause marketing blog. Twitter users tend to be great consumers and promoters of good content — just the kind of people you want visiting and reading your blog.


  • Your connection with followers on Twitter is immediate and direct. There are no gatekeepers, no voicemails, no glad-handing at networking events. People are surprisingly upfront, responsive, and transparent. Twitter can make you feel like you have a direct line of communication to his followers so that they can talk, ask questions, get feedback, and strengthen relationships. The same dynamic just doesn’t exist on a blog or even Facebook.

  • Twitter is truly mobile social media. If you’re out at a store and see a great cause product, and you want to share it with the world, what will you do? Whip out your iPhone and write a 300 word blog post? Your best choice is to snap a picture and attach it to a tweet! You also have the option with many Twitter smartphone applications to add your tweet to your Facebook wall.

Here’s the easiest way to get signed up on Twitter, to find some key people in cause marketing to follow, and to start learning and promoting your program on Twitter!

  1. Sign up for Twitter at

  2. Complete your Twitter bio and mention your interest in cause marketing.

    Your bio will be visible to everyone who looks at your profile.

  3. Find people to follow.

    For example, you can follow a well-known cause marketer Joe Waters on Twitter at @joewaters.

  4. Add your Twitter handle to everything.

    Include it on business cards and in your e-mail signature, among other things. You want everyone to know, especially potential partners, that Twitter is a place they can find you.

  5. Start tweeting!

    You can tweet at, but better alternatives exist. One alternative is a third-party application called Tweetdeck as seen in the following illustration. Not only does Tweetdeck allow you to see your Twitter feed, but you can see and update Facebook and LinkedIn from Tweetdeck as well!


    If you own a smartphone, visit your app store and choose a Twitter app to tweet with. (The Twitter and Tweetdeck apps for smartphones are excellent choices.) Remember, Twitter is mobile social media! You can capture cause marketing on the go!

  6. Regardless of the interface you choose for tweeting, create a search column for Cause Marketing so that you can pick up mentions of the topic and find new people to follow.

    Alternatively, you can visit Search and type “cause marketing” for the latest results.

Oh, one last thing. Don’t forget to tweet. Twitter doesn’t work very well if you don’t.