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Teaming Up with Another Cause or Company

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Here’s the situation. You’re a nonprofit with a good company that’s eager to work on a cause marketing promotion, but neither of you have the expertise to execute it. A nonprofit across town has executed lots of cause marketing programs, but doesn’t have a company partner for its next program. Oh, what to do!

The solution: Work together on the cause marketing program and split the dollars raised. The cause with the experience brings the expertise in running a program, and the cause with the company brings the opportunity for giving.

For example, in a partnership with the Boston Bruins Foundation brought together the marketers expertise executing cause marketing programs with a long list of marketing benefits that only a professional sports team could deliver to make this program a real winner with partners.

Not nearly enough nonprofits work together on cause marketing programs. The reason probably is territory and money. Causes don’t want to lose a supporter to the other guy, and they can’t bear to split the money. Of course, they don’t see two things.

First, without a successful cause marketing program a cause just might lose that company to another cause anyway. Second, 50 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing.

The Boston Bruins Foundation website.
Even though you’re a nonprofit, consider working with other nonprofits when they bring something to the table.