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Successful Cause Marketing Presentations: Use an Outline

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Everyone has this vision of a speaker taking the stage and speaking passionately and extemporaneously without the aid of notes or cards. What is shown on television and at the movies seem to prove that the best speakers are unfettered and unrehearsed. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Comedians, talk show hosts, and speakers go to great lengths to prepare their skits, monologues, and speeches. They also use a speaking outline to stay on track and use placards, note cards, and Teleprompters to keep their outline front and center.

The outline itself can take many forms. Some people prefer to jot down a few words and phrases to jog their memory. Others write down their key ideas on index cards and number them so that they easily recall their key points. A former public speaking teacher remembered one student who drew out his speech and used the drawing as an outline!

What shape the outline takes is up to you. But with all the other important things you need to cover during a presentation, your time is better spent on something besides remembering what you had planned to say next.