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Successful Cause Marketing Presentations: PowerPoint

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

PowerPoint is one of the most overused presentation tools ever. PowerPoint is best used to explain and enhance a speech, but instead people use it as a crutch or replacement for engagement or for something to hide behind so people won’t look at them.

PowerPoint when used correctly is a powerful tool, PowerPoint can help organize, explain, entertain, educate, and even excite your audience. But limit PowerPoint slides to the things that can’t be said with words or are best said or explained with slides.

A few basic rules for PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint is for your audience, not for you. Don’t use PowerPoint as an oversized, electronic notecard for your speaking points. Rely instead on a speaking outline you can easily reference. Save the PowerPoint for informing, educating, and entertaining your listeners.

  • Use PowerPoint to say things that can’t be said. In general, use your slides to powerfully communicate something you can’t say. Remember, images clarify, demonstrate, and inspire.

  • If you must use text, use as few words as possible and include no more than three or four lines per slide. Resist the urge to include everything. Give your listeners just enough to comprehend your point but not so much that they don’t need you there to explain it.

It’s really quite simple. You only have one chance to make a meaningful human connection with your listeners in a presentation. Yet every PowerPoint slide you add decreases the chances of that happening.