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Staying Top of Mind to Your Cause Prospects

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Cause marketing isn’t a complicated topic like tax law or rocket science, so it’s unlikely that the prospect will need to be reminded what is is and how it works. More likely, you’ll need to gently remind the prospect of the value of cause marketing and your willingness to meet with her to discuss the opportunity.

For this, rely on regular communication with the prospect via phone or voicemail to nudge them. Also have a blog that updates them on progress and successes. Finally, try to avoid any sense of finality with the prospect always keep the window of opportunity to work with each other fully open.

To leave a message, or not leave a message — that is the question.

Like using the phone or e-mail to contact prospects, there are differences of opinion on whether or not to leave a phone message. In one corner are the sales representatives who rarely leaves a message. The will call repeatedly on different days and at different times until the prospect picks up. He thinks leaving a message gives the prospect a reason not to pick up her phone the next time she sees your number. Also, he believes if you leave too detailed a message, the prospect may feel informed enough to make a decision about your program without calling you back, which he won’t because his answer is no.

In the other corner are salespeople like Joe who actually prefer to leave a voicemail with a prospect before he speaks to them. Joe’s aware of the liabilities of voicemail, which is why he leaves a short, strategic message designed to whet the prospect’s appetite. Instead of ignoring your calls, the prospect may look forward to them and be inclined to hear more.

What Joe likes best about leaving a message is that subsequent calls aren’t cold calls because you’ve already called to introduce yourself and shared some of the best points about your proposal. “Yes, I remember your message from yesterday. When was the start date of your next program?”