Real World Cause Marketing: Wehrenberg Theaters Gold Heart Pin

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Wehrenberg Theatres with 15 locations throughout the Midwest supported Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis through the purchase of Variety’s 2011 Gold Heart pin. Movie-goers purchased the pins for $3. When they bought the gold heart with any concession combo, they received another select concession item for free.

Variety’s 2011 Gold Heart pin featuring Yogi Bear.
Variety’s 2011 Gold Heart pin featuring Yogi Bear.

The tie-in with concessions was a smart one, as many moviegoers want to buy a drink and popcorn for the show. The key, of course, is the ask at the counter. “Would you like to buy a Gold Heart pin for $3 to help Children’s Charity? Buy it with a concession, and you get one free.”

Whatever they’re doing at Wehrenberg Theaters, they should keep it up. Over the past two years in 15 theaters, they sold 31,317 pins and raised $94,000. This year, their goal is $100,000.